Spike® - Innovation in track-guided transport

With its novel gear shape and the specially developed material pairing, Spike® technology also combines all the advantages of an interlocking gear drive whilst quiet and wear-resistant in motion even at high velocities.

Spike® systems are not only manufactured to accommodate large loads, they also provide high energy efficiency, precise all-weather mobility, maneuverability in even the tightest radii and are also primarily designed for their stiffness up to extreme vertical climbing. What's more, they are ideally suited for the most diverse transport operations that are not carried out by means of conventional technology or cannot otherwise be economically implemented.

In their capacity as people mover and PRT systems (Personal Rapid Transit), Spike® transportation systems with monorail tracks are specially used for space-saving and environment-friendly passenger transportation.

Spike® Racing provides the most spectacular recreational and amusement facilities that - for the first time – enable roller coaster rides with interactive speed controls and spectacular accelerations of over 1g as well as freely projectable layouts with unprecedented ride elements.

Spike® Cargo allows a considerable increase in otherwise standard velocities during transportation. Consequently, the automation is also able to achieve great distances both indoors and outdoors by means of a user-friendly control system.

Whether used as a crash center simulator or for mobile robots with traversing units, for mining or at a container terminal – Spike® technology provides especially economical solutions for many other applications and areas of operation. Due to its curve-going ability, it also provides an excellent alternative to linear motion systems.